Boonville Herald
August 10, 1922

Old Forge Hums With Interest
Big Storm Wrecks a Steel Building…

Frame of Theatre Topples

There probably never was more peculiar accident than when the steel frame of a theatre which the Thompson Brothers were erecting for use this winter toppled to the ground and laid like a mass of twisted wires. There are steel girders in the wreck which are over two feet across and of sufficient length to hold the brick and wood work which will be placed above them beat like so many pieces of pasteboard.

The cause of the disaster is unknown but it is thought there was not sufficient bolts put in the frame work to hold the weight of the iron and steel. The wind must have started the building to moving and in a few seconds the swaying had loosened the foundation enough so the network of steel toppled to the ground, narrowly escaping the Kitchen which is adjacent to the wreck.

A.D. Danforth, proprietor of the Kitchen, was standing in the doorway watching the framework sway and saw it start to fall. He rushed to the front of the building where some of his customers were dining, warning them of the coming danger. They jumped from the tables and reached the front door when the crash came, missing the building by about two feet.

The owners of the property were asked for an estimate of the damage but were unable to give it until they had conferred with the contractor…

Boonville Herald
October 5, 1922

The work on the new theatre which is being erected by the Thompson brothers is now being rushed for the purpose of having the building for use this winter. This is to be built on the plan of modern city structures. It is fireproof throughout, the building being made of brick and steel. In the front there will be a spacious lobby leading to the main floor of the theatre, as well as two stores. In the next story there will be a flat and a dance hall with space for a kitchen in the back one that the dance hall may be used as a banquet hall if desired.

Boonville Herald
March 15, 1923

Thomson Theatre Opens

Wednesday evening, March 14, occurred the unofficial opening of the Thomson Theatre in Old Forge.

The theatre is of brick, steel and tile construction throughout and will eventually seat 700.

The official opening will take place in May when it will have been entirely completed. The opening Wednesday night was merely to be able to use the building for the balance of the season. The work is not all completed but enough has been done to enable it to be used.

The opening attraction was the picture "The Old Homestead," which Denman Thompson made immortal during the many years he played it in his lifetime.

The theatre will run Wednesday and Saturday evening performances during the balance of the winter and spring. Sunday afternoon performances will also be given.

After the formal opening the official season will be in full swing with a whole week of performances with a complete orchestra. For the present, however, Mrs. Walter Farmer, Old Forge's accomplished pianist, will furnish the music for the pictures.